Know exactly when a customer has arrived at your dealership for an appointment or as a walk-in.  Alert your staff and greet each customer by name every time mistake-free.


Give your operations flexibility to move. OmniView offers a fully mobile customer and dealership app to allow the customer connection to proceed outside of your shop. 


Show your customer exactly you can offer them. OmniView's simple, smart, and video inventory and MPIs allow harder sales to be made at the fraction of the effort.

the application

Anticipate your customers needs.  Whether it is greeting them by name at the door, arranging a loaner car for them on their drive over, or having the perfect vehicle picked out for them before they arrive, OmniView allows dealerships to truly connect and build relationships with their customers.

Show off to your customers. With OmniView's video embedded MPIs, electronic inventorying, and in-app messaging services, being in touch with your customers and showing them how you can help them has never been so simple.

Reach your customers where they are, where ever that may be.  OmniView's notification framework can allow for custom offers, deals, and updates to be sent to your customers as a mass or a subset.  Imagine your dealership in your customers pocket.

the vision team



Alan has owned and worked at dealerships for more than 30 years. OmniView began from his insights as an employee at every level in a dealership.



Max was raised in a dealership and specializes in systems engineering and design.  OmniView guarantees efficiency through his workflow insight. 



Terry was born and breed for technology. OmniView is simple yet effective due to his 15 years creating and developing applications.

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